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Solar Rechargable LED Book Reading Light Bed Lamp
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Product Description
Solar Power Rechargeable LED Book Reading Light Bed Lamp




Red Colour Portable Foldable Solar powered bed reading light




Measures Approximately


16cm X 10cm X 23.50cm


This cool solar powered LED book light is great for people who like to read at night without bothering their significant other. Just place the solar panel in a windowsill during the day to charge the batteries, and insert it into the light at night. The LED light is powerful enough to allow you to read, sew or knit without eyestrain, but won't bother anyone else trying to sleep. It clamps to tables, bedposts and headboards, and flexes to give you the best possible light. It has a power indicator to let you know when it needs to charge. It's a great way to improve your "green" quotient. We have a limited supply of these, so don't miss out. Get yours now!


This portable Solar Reading Light is very unique unlike other solar reading light the panel is not removable. The function of this product is were you can multi-use this product on the go or just a regular home appliance. It can be a desktop solar reading light or a simple Clip to the arm of a chair or clip on the hood of your car to use as an emergency light resource. The solar panel is detachable from the host of the clip unit with 2 suction cup that is attach to the solar panel, where the Sun charges the Solar Panel.  


During the day the solar panel converts the sunlight into electricity and recharges the battery. Then at night the light turns on automatically.


    • Sun Powered 
    • No Wiring 
    • On/Off switch 
    • Highlight eye protection of LED 
    • Double LED lights (red and green) 
    • Powered by the sun 
    • Fast & easy install 
    • 3 Rechargeable Ni-MH AAA battery included, operation when fully charged 
    • Energy, electrical saving 
    • Ideal for areas where conventional electrical supply is not available 
    • Recharged by solar panel 4.8-5V 55-65MA under sunlight 
    • Light turns on automatically when dark 
    • Safe Water Resistant 
    • Corrosion resistant 
    • CE certified 
    • Item size 16x10x23.50 cm
It comes NEW IN BOX with instructions.