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55W 2000LPH External Aquarium Fish Tank Filter UV
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ID: HW404B
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55W 2000LPH External Aquarium Fish Tank Filter 9W UV STERILIZER Media Sponge HW404B


Brand New in Box


Suitable for up to 500 -1000 litres aquariums

This Filter combines simplicity and efficiency in a small unit, Suitable for both Freshwater and Saltwater aquariums, Simple setup and very quiet operation.
External aquarium filters are one of the best external filters you can buy for your fish tanks. An external aquarium filter system uses a multi-stage layered approach to filtration, separating a number of distinct filter external materials into easy access baskets they can filter a large volume of water efficiently, you can use any filter media.
UV light kills algae and bad bacteria,
Happy Fish

FEATURES Powerful external filter, suitable for saltwater and freshwater aquariums Built-in 9w Ultra Violet (UV) light effectively prevents growth of algae also kills micro-organisms and parasites which may cause fish diseases. No harm to the fish One 9w UV bulb included 4-layer filtration: can accommodate mechanical, chemical and biological material 4 separate trays can be filled by the combination of bio-chemical cotton, ceramic rings, bio-ball, active carbon (included) Replaceable sponges supplied to stop large solids passing through Maximum output 2000L/H Maximum water lift 2.5m Self prime Safety waterproof switch Stainless steel bearing, silent running for years Ergonomic design for extreme ease of maintenance Complete with hose and fittings Environment friendly, comply with CE, ROHS, TUV
Voltage: 220-240V/50Hz
Power: 55W
H-Max: 2.5m
Maximum output: 2000 L/H
Filter material: sponge x4 and Media x3 
Hose dimension: 16mm inner/22mm outer
Cable length: 1.5 m, Australian plug

Dimension: 485 x 290 x 290 (mm)