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3.0HP Petrol Outboard Engine Motor Boat Kayak
Price: AUD 280.00
Product Description
3.0HP 2 Stroke Marine Petrol Outboard Engine Motor Fishing Boat Kayak Air cooled

Brand new in box

2 Stroke 3.0HP Petrol Powered Outboard Engineer Motor

Petrol Outboard for Small Boat, Inflatable Boat or Kayak

3.0HP 2 Stroke Air Cooled Engine

Max Speend at 18km/h with 4 People

Overall length:108cm

Overall widteh:36.5cm

Overall height:22cm

Transom height:44cm

Full throttle perating range:4000rpm-5500rpm

Maximum output:3.0HP


Fuel tank volume:1.2L

Speed:18km/h(four people)


Ignition system:CDI system

Starting system:Recoil

Staring carburetion system:Chock start

Propeller mark:7 1/4"x5"

The engine and the propeller ratio:2:1

Recommended fuel:Regular unlead gasoline

Fuel to oil ratio:25:1

Gear ratio: 27/13